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Sparkling Homes provides a satisfaction guarantee so if you are not pleased with your cleaning please contact our office within 24 hours and we will come re-clean the missed areas as soon as possible!


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Rescheduling and Lock-outs: We understand if something comes up and we can’t clean for you at your normally scheduled time, just let us know! Please contact the office at 612-615-9566 or with at least 2 days notice. If we receive less notice or cannot enter your home upon arrival then you will be subject to a fee of 50% of your cleaning charge. If 2 appointments in a row are cancelled you will no longer be on the recurring schedule unless prior arrangements have been made. Any discounts remaining will be void.

Special or Misc. Projects: It is always great to have an extra set of hands and other odd jobs done around the house. Please keep these extras within a 5 minutes limit. We will gladly schedule in more time for you with proper notice of 2 days and please note that there may be an extra charge.

Work Hours: Normal business hours are 8-5 Monday through Friday. If we are available outside of those hours we will gladly accommodate an early start, late end time, or weekends. We do work on a schedule and recommend the same day and time for each cleaning to create consistency and convenience for all parties. You are welcome to call the business between 8 am and 5 pm, please use email or text if it is outside of those hours.

Sick Policy: If you or your children are sick with a contagious illness (flu, cold, pneumonia, chicken pox, lice, etc) please reschedule your cleaning. Even though Sparkling Homes disinfects your home, it is possible that germs may be transported to another home or those cleaning your home may get sick. To be fair to all the customers and staff, please wait until you are well again.

Pet Clean Up: Accidents happen and we understand that. Within reason we will do our best to clean up after an accident. If the situation is an on-going occurrence you will be notified once and taken off the schedule if it persists.

Temperature Control: We all do our best to conserve energy and have programmable thermostats ourselves but please be aware that physical labor is being done in your home and try to maintain a comfortable environment for the staff. Preferred temperature for the staff is 67-73*F.

Alarm/Key Code/Keys: It is not necessary for you to be home while we are cleaning and we will ensure the safety of your home by setting alarms and locking doors. Please provide the office with your key code to ensure we can enter your home even if you think you will be there to let us in.

Satisfaction: If you are satisfied with your cleaning please tell all your friends and family! If you are not satisfied, please contact the office at 612-615-9566 or immediately to correct the issue. Sparkling Homes will do our best to resolve the issues.

Payment: Sparkling Homes requires a credit card on file that will be charged on the day of service. You are welcome to leave a tip for your cleaning tech in the form of cash left on the counter and clearly marked or call the office to arrange a tip to be left on the credit card. Payment is due at the time of cleaning.

Photos: Photos may be taken in your home and be used for marketing and advertising purchases, for before and after comparison photos, or to be sent to the office for clarification on how to clean a specific area. Sparkling Homes will not post any name or address and will do their best to blur any photos or information pertaining to the client.

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