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What is Clean for Cancer?

This is an event to clean homes for people who need a little help with the housework. On Saturday September 14, 2019 we will clean 4-5 homes per team and hope to be able to clean hundreds of homes with participating cleaning services across the US.

Why are we doing this?

Sparkling Homes is dedicated to helping people by making their lives easier. We realize that it is very difficult for people undergoing treatments for cancer to care for their home yet always have company coming and going. We want to alleviate the stress of housework so they can focus on their health!

Where is this happening?

Sparkling Homes is accepting nominees up to 15 miles from Albertville, MN. Clean for Cancer will be adding cleaning services across the US who will set their own radius.

Who can I nominate?


Anyone you feel deserves this wonderful treat! It can be for someone with cancer or someone caring for someone and just needs a little help!

What does the cleaning entail?

We will clean your kitchen, dining room, living room, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

Is there a catch?

Not at all! 

What does the volunteering entail?

We will meet in the morning to train you on a position. You will be grouped with 3-4 other volunteers and a Cleaning Technician of Sparkling Homes that will oversee the cleaning and help where needed. You will have a schedule of 4-5 homes then be invited for a BBQ to celebrate a great day!

What if I can't volunteer?


Where does the donation go?

Donations go to Shoulak BreastFest Music Festivals an event to raise money for breast cancer in Corcoran, MN that will be held September 21, 2019 at 20300 County Road 50, 55340. This is a family friendly event and everyone is invited!

Please nominate, volunteer, participate as another cleaning business and donate so we can clean for as many people as possible!

You are welcome to nominate multiple people! Be sure to hit "Submit" at the end of each application.

Please direct any questions to Michelle - 612-615-9566

*We will do our best to accommodate all nominees but may be limited due to location and number of nominations. Deadline for nominations to be received no later than midnight Sunday September 8, 2019.

September 14, 2019


Do you know someone that would benefit from a clean home. Nominate them here by

September 8, 2019.


Volunteer to clean with the Pros! No experience necessary!



Are you a business that would like to participate? Near or far, all are welcome! Sign up here to get started!


Want to be able to help but can't volunteer? Donate here to help fund a cure!

Donations go to:

Shoulak BreastFest Music Festival

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