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How to Clean Carpet from your Pets Messes

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Our furry household members are part of our family. And no matter how well they are trained accidents still happen. Here are some great tips from HGTV on how to remove pet stains, whether it is a stain from foot prints, puke, pee, or poo.

Tips to Clean Dog Urine From Carpet:

Attempt to clean it as soon as possible. Getting to the spot before it dries will make it easier to clean. It also will help to remove the smell. Once urine dries the odors set into the carpet fibers.

Clean Urine from Carpet if still wet.

  • Place paper towels on spot. Stand on the paper towels to help absorb as much as urine as possible.

  • Mix up a solution of 2 cups vinegar, 2 cups warm water and 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Fill spray bottle with the solution and spritz the soiled area

  • Let sit for 5 – 10 minutes

  • Blot area with a soft cloth

For a Heavier Stains

  • Sprinkle baking soda on the stain

  • Pour a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water,

  • Let it sit for 5 minutes

  • Blot with a cloth

Clean Vomit From Carpet

Vomit has a lot of acid so it is important to wipe up as soon as possible.

  • Use a dust pan or clump of paper towels to remove chunks from area.

  • Blot with a towel to clean up any moisture

  • Mix 2 cups of warm water, 1 tablespoon salt, 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap and ½ cup vinegar

  • Dip a soft cloth or sponge into the cleaning mixture (step 3) and apply it to soiled area.

  • Blot lightly

  • Repeat step 4 a few more times to remove tough stains

When the stain is gone, remove cleaning solution by putting a cloth dipped in clean water on the area. Blot area dry with clean towel.

“How to Get Pet Stains Out of Carpet.” HGTV. May 5, 2022.

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